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The BYAG Coach Connection is a coaching membership platform designed as a one-on-one coaching portal for Certified Professional Coaches to connect, network and collaborate with other like-minded expert coaches who will be the go-to team to receive new client referrals from aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, reality stars, celebrities and other new coaches who are looking to take their idea, business plan or niche to the next level.

The BYAG Coach Connection was formed by Coach Shara Mondy, who has been a personal celebrity assistant, vice president of sales and promotions, business coach and brand strategist to small business owners, nonprofits and celebrities who had the vision, but not the time required to make their vision a reality. As a Celebrity Personal Assistant and Brand Strategist for over 20 years, Coach Shara’s was able to step in and map out a plan of action for her clients and turn their vision into realities.  Coach Shara’s client list grew by word-of-mouth referrals in the Celebrity industry, and she decided to expand her coaching business by creating a network of highly skilled coaching experts to meet the demands of her coaching platform.

2020 and 2021 have been stellar years in Coach Shara’s personal and professional career, as she collaborated on two new book projects that she will be launching in in December 2022 with her “Bringing Your A Game” (BYAG) book series which will feature several new BYAG book collaborations.  The first will be her BYAG Women’s collaboration which spotlights women who are at the top of their game in their industries. The second BYAG book collaboration will be introduced in December 2022, entitled “BYAG Manpreneur edition, which will feature Boss Men who are at the top of their game and will now be sharing opportunities to help other aspiring artists in their craft.  The third BYAG project will be a special release of the “BYAG Celebrity Edition” that will pay tribute to Actor, Tommy Ford, from the hit TV series, Martin who passed away in 2016.  Tommy was the Celebrity Spokesperson for Coach Shara’s nonprofit organization, Suited For Success for over 14 years and Coach Shara worked with Tommy as the Vice President of Sales and Promotions for his Model T. Ford Publishing company.

BYAG Coach Connection members will get a special opportunity to get first alerts of the BYAG Conferences, Book Launches and Special Events as we grow our team and travel the world helping others to Bring their A Game in Life, Business and Purpose.